MHP is an EMMY AWARD winning, multi-media, boutiuque video production company experienced in developing, producing and distributing visual programming. We spedcialize in video press kits, sizzle reels, commercials, long form documentaries, satellite media tours, music videos, corporate media presentations, live-mixed-media-events, multi-camera concert productions, behind the scenes shoots, and we distribute programming to various traditional and non traditional media platforms.

Founder  Mark Haefeli: (President/Creative Director) began his career at CBS News as a desk assistant. Two years later he was a producer for the Washington DC bureau, followed by CNN-NY Bureau Chief, and then CNBC VP of Prime Time Programming.

In 1995, Second Coming Productions was founded, specializing in strategic electronic marketing. In 2001  “Mark Haefeli Productions”, was established.

Along the way Mark has directed numerours commercials including those for, L'Oreal with Andi McDowell, Beyonce & Jennfer Lopez, Underwriters Labratory with Kerri Russell,  Bayer  with Nick Jonas, and Cascade wih Nancy Hannigan. He has also engineered some of the indusrtries most sensational and unprecedented LIVE SATELLITE EVENTS including "Diana Ross & The Supremes Reunion Newsconference" Live from Grand Central Station, transmitted via satellite around the world. " Michael Jackson's Hand and Foot Imprint Event  LIVE at Graumans Chinese Theatre", "The Rolling Stones Bridges to Babylon Newsconference" LIVE on internet, International TV and  Radio, as the band drove across New York's Brooklyn Bridge in a 57 Caddy rag top!  There have been more then 100 concerts that Haefeli has directed around the world for television, DVD's and streaming media. Some of these include "U2 Pop Mart in-Store Concert",  "The Rolling Stones LIVE in Istanbul Turkey", "Paul McCartney Live in Red Square", "Bon Jovi LIVE in Times Square", "U2  in Barcelona, Spain",  "Andrea Bocelli in Central Park" and "Woodstock 94 & 98".